Snap Lock Industries Ranks #33 In The Utah Top 100 Companies For 2006

Salt Lake City based Snap Lock Industries, the worldwide leading manufacturer of modular flooring, comes in at #33 in the prestigious Mountain West Utah Top 100 Companies for 2006.

Attracting more than 1,400 attendees comprised of Utah’s most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, the Utah 100 recognizes the state’s 100 Fastest-Growing companies and 15 Largest Revenue Growth companies. The rankings are based on revenues over a consecutive 5 years. “We are very proud to be included within this group of industry leading companies such as Sky West Airlines(#77), Little Giant Ladder Company (#29), Overstock (#11) and Gold’s Gym (#48)”. Said Jorgen Moller CEO SnapLock Industries. Moller went on to say “This is the second year we have been honored and we have moved up in the rankings. We are the only company within our industry to achieve this award and this is largely due to the incredible people we have working here at our company.”

The awards ceremony took place at the Grand American Hotel in Downtown Salt Lake City, where key note speaker Senator Bob Bennett honored the award winners. “Having been involved with start up companies myself, I recognize the difficulties and challenges of a start up company, starting a company and putting everything in place, the marketing, the sales, production of the product, and the financial resources needed to manage the growth of the company. I commended all of your here today for such a fine accomplishment knowing how difficult if it is.” -Sen. Bob Bennett.

SnapLock® Industries Receives Patent On FastDeck® Modular Floor System

Snap Lock Industries, the leading manufacturer of interlocking modular floor systems, is happy to announce they have been granted a US Patent (US 7,114,298 B2) for their FastDeck® portable roll-up flooring. In brief, the patent covers how the interlocking floor system rolls up by using a Live-Hinge that allows the floor to be rolled up in any direction.

“The live-hinge is really a great feature, allowing you to create any size floor quickly and easily.” said Jorgen Moller, CEO Snap Lock.

FastDeck® flooring is primarily used for large events were a portable floor is needed. Once the floor is interlocked, you can keep it in any size configuration you choose for quick and easy use. Once down the floor can handle extremely roll loads protecting subsurfaces, such as costly stadium turf. “There are so many applications for FastDeck, from covering an entire football stadium field to the pit area of the weekend racer” said Moller.

“There is no other floor system like FastDeck®. You can easily cover a stadium or arena floor in just hours and remove it even faster. Most other systems are extremely labor intensive and time consuming” said Moller. He went on to say, “For over thirty years our family has been busy creating industry leading products right here in the USA, The FastDeck® floor system is just the lasted great product to our line up.”

SnapSports® Introduces The BounceBack® Floor System, A New Multi-Patent Pending Indoor Modular Surface For Any Sport

SnapSports® is happy to announce the launch of their new product line Indoor BounceBack® modular athletic surface.”We have applied our many years of hands-on experience into this product and the end result is the best performing indoor sports surface on the the market today. Not only is the ball play fantastic, but we have created a surface with the players safety in mind” Said Jorgen Moller CEO.

The Indoor BounceBack® surface has many features which are currently pending numerous patents worldwide. The surface was engineered to perform better than the traditional wood surfaces but without all of the maintenance and upkeep of a wooden court. In addition, the BounceBack® surface has features that provide the athletes with added ‘cush’ and lateral movement to absorb shock to the body.” What we found is the current modular sports products available in the marketplace today are really not much different than what our family created over 30 years ago. With the engineering and technology we put into the BounceBack® tile, we have created a surface that is far superior in every aspect to all the others,” said Moller.

Some of the mentioned patent-pending features of the Indoor-BounceBack® are as follows; The ShockLock® (pat-pend)-The most innovative modular surface locking system. When the athlete plants their feet and push off on starts, stops, or change direction the lock compresses then springs back to it original position. Most all others have a toe & loop that can not offer this benefit of Athletic Energy Transfer.

BounceBack® Support Structure (multi patent pending)- With just over 1200 support towers of different heights within every square foot ensuring the athletes more Cushion & body shock absorption and providing excellent ball play.

“We have seen a tremendous response from top coaches and players in both volleyball and basketball across the country. We are already working with numerous top teams and organizations who planning on making the switch,” said Moller. Moller went on to say, “We have a great team here and they been busy, this is just one of the great patent-pending products we offer. In addition, we will be introducing even more great products over 2007 for both indoor and outdoor sports applications.”

Snap Lock Industries Breaks Ground On New Expansion To World Headquarters

Construction has begun at SnapLock® Industries manufacturing plant which is located at their world headquarters in Utah. The 20,000 square foot addition is in direct response to the rapid growth and expansion of the company.

“We just moved into our current location in 2005 and I remember thinking we would never use all the space. Well how I was wrong, we are now at maximum capacity and are looking forward to the completion of the expansion of our manufacturing plant in January 2007 ,” Said Jorgen Moller CEO.

In 2005, Snap Lock Industries was named a Utah’s Top 100 company-Fasted growing over a 5-yr period (#39) and has been again nominated for 2006.

“Building our company has been such a rewarding experience. Unlike many other companies within our industry, we have stayed committed to being a 100% American Made Company and I feel that is a huge key to our success as it ensures quality, consistency and unmatched service,” said Moller. When asked what the future holds, Moller responded, “We have a lot of exciting products in development and corporate relationships that are developing as we speak. In addtion, we have recently lauched our SnapSports® division, offering outdoor courts and athletic sports flooring. In just 18 months it has become the fastest growing company within the industy with over 50 SnapSports dealers nationwide. The future is looking bright,” said Moller.

RaceDeck Garage Floors Introduces New Patent-Pending AccuPark™ Safety Product

SnapLock Industries, the manufacturer of RaceDeck® Garage Flooring, is happy to announce the release of their new multi-patent pending AccuPark™ interlocking parking guide.

“What is unique about this product is that it SNAPS into the RaceDeck floor system, unlike other parking guides which are just tossed loosely on the garage floor,” said CEO Jorgen Moller. He went on to say, “This is just one of the many new products and technologies we have created within this industry. We have a team of individuals whom have the skills, passion and commitment that has lead us to be the undisputed industry leader worldwide.”

AccuPark™ is the ideal preventative measure against garage mishaps. The AccuPark insert is engineered to guide you into your garage precisely where you would like the front wheels of your vehicle to stop, by driving over the first bump that is your signal to brake. The patent pending system simply SNAPS securely into your RaceDeck® garage floor, creating a clean, finished look.

Snap Lock® Industries Moving Into New World Headquarters

Salt Lake City based Snap Lock Industries, the leader in multi-use modular flooring, is moving into a new, manufacturing, product development and sales headquarters facility in the heart of beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Snap Lock’s 64,000 square foot building, which sits on over 5 acres, will house a state of the art injection molding plant, complete tool & die, shipping and corporate sales.

“We are very excited about the move, it will allow us to continue to create great products more efficiently and offer a higher level of service,” said Jorgen Moller Jr. CEO. The move is taking place over three months, starting in January of 2006.

Snap Lock Industries has seen tremendous growth over the last ten years and has emerged as an industry powerhouse, with leading brands that include RaceDeck® garage flooring, Duragrid® matting and decking, and SnapLock® portable floors. In 2005 Snap Lock Industries was honored with Utah’s prestige award of Top 100 Companies (#39).

“With the incredible growth and success our company has seen, this move is necessary. We will now not only have a new state of the art manufacturing facility, we will also have a dealer training center, research and development lab, in house mold making shop, employee gym and product testing area all under one roof. This facility will set a new standard within the modular flooring industry,” said Moller. With many companies within this industry outsourcing part or all of their manufacturing, it is refreshing to see an American family-run company offer a product that is truly ‘Made in the USA’.

“We are a family run company who has been in this industry virtually since its inception. We have grown from just 2 employees in the beginning to now over 124 employees and 100’s of dealers and resellers throughout the world. I feel we have the best products, made by the best people and sold by the best dealers in the world; we are proudly made in the USA. Our family company is a true American success story,” said Moller.

Snap Lock Industries Ranks among the Top Half of Utah’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies

Utah Governor John Huntsman Jr. congratulated the participants at the awards luncheon and spoke on the level of achievement it takes to earn the ranking of Utah’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies. “It is truly an accomplishment to be ranked in the Top 100 from the tens-of-thousands of companies within this great state,” said Governor Huntsman.

Companies were ranked based on sales growth over a five-year period. Snap Lock Industries high ranking is quite a feat in a state comprised of large Internet, bio-medical, and international investment companies who are based in Utah.

“We are extremely pleased to be recognized as 39th in Utah’s Top 100 . The LoveSac,,, Sportsman Warehouse, and Amedica Corp are a few of the Utah companies to receive recognition, we did phenomenally well and I am very proud of our employees and dealers who made it happen. We are also the only company within our specific industry to be awarded such an honor,” said Jorgen Moller Jr. CEO, SnapLock Industries.

When asked what plans they have heading into 2006 and beyond, Moller responded, “We try to dominate each of the markets we enter.” He said, with all modesty aside when it comes to business, “We currently offer the best products in our industry and have the best people within our company. We have a number of new products and manufacturing technologies we will introduce over the next twelve to eighteen months, we hope to continue to create more industry benchmarks, I look forward to tomorrow.”