SnapLock is one of the greenest manufacturing facilities in the modular flooring industry:

We use only the highest-grade virgin polypropylene in our manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable

Polypropylene is manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste byproduct of the petroleum industry that used to be burned off into the atmosphere contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, using polypropylene in products helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions Any waste material we may produce in our manufacturing is reground and used to make other parts, ensuring 0% waste.

  • Our manufacturing process is low in emissions and meets all California Standards, including the standard for residential community placement


  • The cooling system we use to control temperatures for all of our manufacturing machines runs on a closed loop, so it’s 100% recycled


  • All of the steel used in our molds and sports components is 100% recyclable


  • The warehouse structure within our 180,000 square foot facility was engineered to use natural sunlight rather than energy-wasting lights


  • We have pioneered numerous manufacturing processes and technologies to allow us to use less energy to produce our products


  • We actively recycle all cardboard packaging, office papers and all petroleum products