12th Annual AAU Reno Spring Jam Basketball Tournament to Use SnapSports BounceBack Surfaces

Boys and girls from 32 teams will compete this weekend at the Grand Sierra Hotel for the Reno Spring Jam. Jam On It Basketball Academy hosts the event and features amateur basketballers from first through twelfth grade.

SnapSports at the 12th AAU Reno Spring JamTournament games will be played on SnapSports’ BounceBack surface, a high-impact polymer designed to be safer and better-performing than traditional wood floors. Three courts, each 92′ by 56′ will be used in the tournament. Reno Spring Jam games will be March 27th-28th at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Resort, 2500 East Second Street in Reno.

“We’re proud that the AAU has chosen to use our SnapSports BounceBack surfacing for their tournaments. Player and coach feedback has been tremendous,” said Jorgen Moller – CEO SnapSports.

BounceBack is the only modular sports surface that offers ‘patented’ performance and safety features such as the ShockLock™, ReActivePlay™, and a Dual Suspension Understructure which help reduce injury to players and provide the highest level of performance. SnapSports is a FIBA Associate Manufacturer for the Indoor BounceBack basketball surface.

The AAU is one of the largest non-profit volunteer sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

United States FUTSAL Federation Chooses SnapSports As Official Playing Surface

SnapSports, the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of outdoor multi-courts and sports surfacing, continues their association with the United States Futsal Federation as the exclusive and official flooring of the USFF.

The agreement was signed at the FUTSAL national championships this year where SnapSports provided over 100,000 square feet of athletic surfacing.

United States Futsal Federation Crest“We are proud to have been chosen as the only approved surface worthy of Futsal competition by the USFF,” says Jorgen Moller – CEO of SnapSports.
Futsal players from around the world will continue to compete on surfaces, specially designed by SnapSports, which will protect them from injury while providing the speed and response the game requires.

Futsal is a five-a-side version of soccer which is played on basketball-sized courts. The sport traces its roots to the 1930s and is today played worldwide. Futsal is currently experiencing explosive growth in the US. The US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and US Futsal signed an agreement in August of 1995 to promote Futsal in all National State Associations as their game of choice for indoor soccer. Many American soccer coaches use Futsal to train athletes, especially in the off-season.

Asked why they switched from their previous modular surface provider, Alex Para, CEO of the US Futsal Federation, said “We wanted to work with SnapSports because of the quality of their designs and because their floors are easy to install. Futsal demands a lot and SnapSports provides it, plain and simple.”

SnapSports Releases ReActive Surfacing For The International Sports Market

SnapSports today announced the release of the ReActive line of sports flooring. The primary advantage of the new system is its adherence to metric standards, while still utilizing all of the patented performance technology found in the original SnapSports’ athletic surfaces.

The ReActive sports surface stands 190mm high and incorporates a shock absorbing system for cushion, rebound, and player safety. Made of high impact copolymer to resist moisture and humidity, versatile for many different sports and low annual maintenance make this the ideal choice for a multitude of athletes. Solid-topped indoor and grid-topped outdoor versions are available, each with 24 PowerLock™ connections per module. ReActive is the only product that features all of these design components together in a metric design, offering superior performance at every level of play.

The surface is aimed at the international sports market and is positioned for basketball, tennis, handball, inline hockey, FUTSAL® and many other team sports. SnapSports is a FIBA Associate Manufacturer, the world governing body of basketball.

“ReActive is engineered to be a high-performance multi-sports surface for the highest levels of international competition. It is a great addition to our leading line of innovative performance products” says Jorgen Moller – CEO SnapSports.

ReActive sports flooring will be available in fourteen stock colors, with custom colors and logo designs also available. SnapSports proudly manufactures all flooring products in the USA.

SnapSports® Stretching Coast to Coast in Upcoming Regional FUTSAL Championships

Over two hundred teams will compete in the Southwest and Northeast Regional Futsal tournaments this weekend, with SnapSports providing championship athletic surfaces for the event.

SnapSports is the exclusive official sports flooring provider for the United States Futsal Federation. SnapSports representatives will install more than 16 official indoor championship courts for the Regional Futsal Tournaments in Los Angeles, California and York, Pennsylvania. The courts will vary in size from 54 x 90 ft to 90 x 130 ft.

USFF Crest Logo“We are stoked to provide our top-of-the-line Indoor BounceBack ShockTower surfaces for the regional & national championships this year. Our relationship with the USFF has grown into a great partnership over the past two years and we don’t see things slowing down any time soon,” said Dan Wollman of SnapSports.

Each tournament will feature top athletes from several states, and crowds are expected to reach numbers in the tens of thousands.

About the United States Futsal® Federation (USSF)

The USSF is the national governing body for Futsal in the USA. Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer approved by the Federation Internationale De Football Association (FIFA). An estimated 12 million players from 100 countries and all continents play Futsal.

SnapSports® Granted Associate Manufacturer Status by International Basketball Federation ( FIBA )

SnapSports, Inc. has received Associate status from FIBA, The official international governing body of basketball, basketball flooring for use in officially sanctioned events. Also known as the International Basketball Federation, FIBA granted SnapSports Associate Manufacturer status on December 31, 2009.

Earning Associate Manufacturer status requires suppliers to pass equipment standards tests defined by FIBA’s official Approval Program. Manufacturers must also have international distribution networks to assure worldwide availability of their products.

“We put a lot of effort into meeting FIBA’s standards and we’re glad it’s paid off. Being recognized as an FIBA Associate Manufacturer is another reminder that our floors are built for competition at even the highest levels,” said Jeremiah Shapiro, Director of Product Development for SnapSports.

Founded in 1932, FIBA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the official governing body of basketball.

SnapLock Industries Receives US Patent for AccuPark Parking System

SnapLock Industries, Inc. was awarded a US patent for their AccuPark Parking System.

Patented AccuPark Parking SystemThis system essentially employs a modified garage floor tile with two raised ridges. This, when driven over, signals the driver to stop accurately. The durable brushed aluminum AccuPark parking system integrates seamlessly with other SnapLock products. Anyone can also use AccuPark for temporary or portable applications over any surface.

“The AccuPark System is a clever solution for a common problem. We know it’ll save a lot of bumpers and walls in the future,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapLock Industries, Inc.

Additionally, the AccuPark system interlocks with all RaceDeck products, so you can create your custom garage in a “snap!” Mix and match our modular flooring products for the truly unique look you’ve always wanted.

First Big Apple Team Handball Event to Feature SnapSports® Flooring

The first-ever Big Apple Team Handball Tournament will be held on January 2nd through the 3rd and will feature US National Club champions, New York City Team Handball, in a game against a star-studded cast of European professionals.

The six-team Big Apple Team Handball tournament will feature five of Germany’s top professional teams and is being held in the US to build awareness of the sport.

Team handball, as it’s known in the US, is played in 159 nations by 39 million people. It is an Olympic sport which bares more in common with soccer and basketball than American handball. Teams of seven players play two 30 minutes halves and attempt to get a ball, about 8″ in diameter, past a goalkeeper. Games often score into the 30s.

Games will be played on a custom ShockTower® surface by SnapSports®, the official flooring provider for USA Team Handball. SnapSports will install a 9,176 square foot handball court two days before the tournament. The event, to be held at Park West High School in Manhattan, will consist of two-day tournament capped by an all-star game featuring Germany’s best players against the US National champions.

Leading Modular Flooring Manufacturer SnapLock Industries is Committed to Keeping It Green

SnapLock Industries new manufacturing and operating systems is one of the “Greenest” manufacturers of modular flooring in the world.

Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring systems, has implemented new proprietary manufacturing technologies, as well as recycling procedures that has enabled them to manufacture with nearly zero waste. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Snap Lock industries operates in a state of the art 100,000 square foot facility operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with a strong emphasis on “ Keeping it Green ”.

Snap Lock has a long list of global leading brands that include RaceDeck garage flooring, SnapSports multi-courts & athletic surfacing, SnapLock portable dance flooring & event floors and Duragrid safety matting & decking.

Over the last decade Snap Lock has implemented technologies that have not only resulted in the leading modular flooring systems available, but a company that is committed to the environment with nearly zero waste in their manufacturing process.

“ We are committed to reducing the impact on our environment and at the same time, offering the most Eco-Friendly & safe product line available to our customers.” Said Jorgen Moller CEO Snap Lock Industries.

The proprietary materials used to manufacture all of Snap Lock flooring products are recyclable and of the highest grade available. “We maintain 100% control of what goes in our products to ensure quality and safe use for the consumer. Many companies add materials from unknown sources such as landfill and scrapyards, which may contain many toxic ingredients, we want no part of that process” said Moller

The following are just a few of the ways SnapLock is “ Keeping it Green ” :

• They use only the highest-grade polypropylene in their manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable & clean.

• Polypropylene is manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste byproduct of the petroleum industry that used to be burned off into the atmosphere contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence, the more polypropylene used in products helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable

• Any waste material they may produce in their manufacturing is reground and used to make other non-flooring parts, ensuring nearly 0% waste.

• They do not add any questionable additives in their products, such as rubber or lead filled items.

• Their unique manufacturing process is low in emissions and meets all of the strict California Standards, including the standard for residential community placement.

• The cooling system they use to control temperatures for all of the manufacturing machines and runs on a closed loop, so it’s 100% recycled.

• All of the steel used in their molds and sports components is 100% recyclable.

• The warehouse structure within the 100,000 square foot facility was engineered to maximize natural sunlight rather than energy-wasting lights.

• Snap Lock has pioneered numerous manufacturing processes and technologies to allow them to use less energy to produce all of their products.

• They implemented a system to actively recycle all cardboard packaging, office papers and all petroleum products.

It is refreshing to see that a USA-based manufacturer and supplier can not only produce quality products to compete in the global marketplace, but they can do it while ‘keeping it green’ at the same time.

About SnapLock Industries

SnapLock Industries is recognized as the industry leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty modular flooring systems for both residential and commercial markets. All of Snap Lock Industries flooring products are proudly made in the USA.

RaceDeck Garage Flooring Gears Up to Introduce a Revolutionary Fatigue Reducing & Sound Dampening Flooring System

Releasing as RaceDeck ShockTower®, the new flooring adapts technology originally used in professional sports surfaces to reduce fatigue and noise. The patented system incorporates eight shock absorbing modules, or Shock-Towers, per square foot to attenuate sound and reduce stress on joints and muscles.

RaceDeck Garage Floors LogoThe new RaceDeck ShockTower® system is fully compatible with all current RaceDeck garage flooring styles and can be retrofitted to existing installations. Suggested applications include workstations, walkways, commercial and residential garages, or any environment where the user would benefit from a consistent, quiet and low-impact surface.

“It is our mission to stay on the leading edge of our industry. We do this by continually innovating and creating new technologies with the input of our customers,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapLock Industries. “The feedback from commercial customers able to get an early look at the ShockTower® has been tremendous and we’re sure our residential customers will be just as thrilled!”

SnapSports BounceBack® ShockTower® Receives Additional US Patent for Multi-Level Support System

SnapSports Inc. was awarded an additional US patent for their BounceBack® sports surfacing.

The new patent covers a multi-level support design marketed as the ShockTower® Suspension System which acts as a dual-stage vertical impact absorber, reducing fatigue and injuries to players.

“The feedback we have been receiving from both athletes and coaches about our SnapSports BounceBack® ShockTower surfacing has been tremendously positive. The increased demand for this revolutionary sports flooring by coaches, players and sports facilities confirms this,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports.

SnapSports BounceBack® ShockTower, a ¾” tall suspended sports floor system, has the highest shock-absorption rating of any modular sports tile, as tested by US independent laboratory tests. The ShockLock® and Dual Suspension® systems allow for greater impact stability, and superior performance during play. The under-structure of the BounceBack provides a “cush” effect to help with the reduction injuries and fatigue to athletes from high impact sports and increases ball response in sports like basketball, Futsal®, team handball, inline hockey, tennis, and volleyball.