RaceDeck Circletrac garage floor with Mazda

Modular Garage Flooring

What is Modular Garage Flooring and why is it a great option for the home garage?

Modular flooring systems are comprised of resilient polypropene tiles that can simply be interlocked without the addition of messy glues or anchors. Installation is typically a DIY project completed by the homeowner and can be achieved in just a few hours. While modular flooring has been around for decades, modular flooring engineered for the garage was introduced in the late 90’s by RaceDeck (a USA SnapLock company). Over the last 20+ years, the modular flooring industry has become one of the most popular choices for the home garage improvement sector.


The Difference

What sets modular flooring apart from epoxied or painted garage floors? 

Prior to modular garage flooring, the most common choice for the home garage was paint or epoxy floor systems. High grade, high end options installed by a commercial contractor or cheaper DIY epoxy kits that are difficult to use and caustic to install by the homeowner. Both paint and epoxy applications require days of an empty garage, several layers, toxic fumes, and mess in the process–not ideal. Notable issues with epoxy floors are that they are easily stained, chipped or blistered from hot tires and once damaged, the entire floor must be redone. Over time, epoxy floors require a lot of maintenance and significant cost, not to mention that you can’t take them with you should you move.

DIY Garage

Why has Modular Garage Flooring become the leading choice for the DIY home garage installation? 

Modular Garage Floors are easy to install in just a couple of hours with no surface prep needed. No more of moving all your items out of the garage for days and having to deal with all of the toxic materials, fumes and dust.

Modular garage flooring is extremely durable, resisting petroleum products and household chemicals, and engineered to handle extreme rolling loads. If you happen to damage a modular garage tile, you can simply unsnap a single module and replace it in seconds. There are also countless colors and design options to create the coolest-looking garage floor.

Modular garage floors also prevent mold and mildew in the garage. Garages are not exactly the most hospitable environment: large thermal temp swings, rain and snow slop coming in from cars, and moisture that leaches up through concrete… all potentially creating mold and mildew issues. Since quality modular flooring is a suspension system where the understructure is channeled, it allows the liquids to flow freely and moisture to escape.

Cost is also a big reason modular garage floors are so popular. Your initial thought may be that epoxy may be close to same cost, but In the long run, epoxy can be highly exoensive. Not only are modular floors more durable, they will last many times longer than epoxy. And as a bonus, you can take the floor with you when you move and reuse again!

You’ll find that modular floor tiles offer great variety and versatility, and they won’t stain, fade, chip or develop mold. The ease and speed of installation is a tremendous upside!

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