Snap Lock Industries Breaks Ground On New Expansion To World Headquarters

Construction has begun at SnapLock® Industries manufacturing plant which is located at their world headquarters in Utah. The 20,000 square foot addition is in direct response to the rapid growth and expansion of the company.

“We just moved into our current location in 2005 and I remember thinking we would never use all the space. Well how I was wrong, we are now at maximum capacity and are looking forward to the completion of the expansion of our manufacturing plant in January 2007 ,” Said Jorgen Moller CEO.

In 2005, Snap Lock Industries was named a Utah’s Top 100 company-Fasted growing over a 5-yr period (#39) and has been again nominated for 2006.

“Building our company has been such a rewarding experience. Unlike many other companies within our industry, we have stayed committed to being a 100% American Made Company and I feel that is a huge key to our success as it ensures quality, consistency and unmatched service,” said Moller. When asked what the future holds, Moller responded, “We have a lot of exciting products in development and corporate relationships that are developing as we speak. In addtion, we have recently lauched our SnapSports® division, offering outdoor courts and athletic sports flooring. In just 18 months it has become the fastest growing company within the industy with over 50 SnapSports dealers nationwide. The future is looking bright,” said Moller.

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