RaceDeck® Is Named Official Preferred Garage Floor Of The GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association For 2011

RaceDeck garage floors, the world’s leading garage flooring manufacturer and supplier has been named the ‘Official Preferred Garage Floor Of the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association for 2011’.

GoodGuys® is the world’s largest Hot-Rod association with nearly 100,000 members.

“ Everyone at RaceDeck loves the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association, it’s in our blood. The people and their cars are what we are all about and we’re proud to be part of such a world class organization,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of Snap Lock Industries -The manufacturer of RaceDeck® garage flooring.

RaceDeck garage flooring is recognized as the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of residential & commercial garage flooring, as well as portable display flooring. The introduction of RaceDeck garage floors pioneered the modular garage flooring industry you see today, They are the ‘original’ modular garage flooring company. With RaceDeck being the world’s premier garage flooring manufacturer and GoodGuys’s being the leader in their industry, it was the obvious choice for GoodGuys to name RaceDeck the ‘Preferred Garage Floor’.

The typical RaceDeck customer is an avid hot rod & show car enthusiast who demands only the best when it comes to their passion. Some of these street rods can cost anywhere form $20,000 to $1,000,000 + and they want a show place to park their ride. RaceDeck flooring quickly turns any ordinary garage into a personal world class showroom and ‘the coolest garage on the block™’

“The enthusiasts at GoodGuys build and own some the highest quality rides in the world. You will find that the same American Made quality and pride goes into every RaceDeck floor we sell, that is why we are the #1 choice of the GoodGuys members,” sad Moller.

Goodguys offers over 20 car show events annually across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast and all points in between. The events range from two-day affairs attended by 30,000 to 40,000 people to three and four day extravaganza’s attracting over 100,000 auto enthusiasts. If you want to see some of the coolest hot rod and street rod creations in the world, be sure to attend one of these events.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing Is Chosen As The Championship Court For The Big Apple World All-Stars Tournament on January 1-2, 2011

The 2nd annual Big Apple Handball World All-Stars Tournament will commence this January 1-2, 2011 In New York City’s Riverbank State Park Pavillion. Top professional teams will compete on multi-patented SnapSports® ShockTower® Team Handball sports flooring, also the official flooring of the United States Futsal Federation (USFF).

“We are excited to have SnapSports surfacing at the 2011 Big Apple Tourmament and All Star Event with the best team handball floor the US has to offer the Sport. All of our teams and professional players really enjoyed playing on SnapSports at our 2010 inaugural event.”

-Shkumbin Mustafa, President, New York City Team Handball Club and Big Apple Tournament/All Star Event Director

159 Nations and 39 million people play Handball, widely known as Team Handball in the United States. Many people link elements of basketball, soccer and lacrosse to the sport. Because of this, it is fast, physical and exciting. Competition involves two teams with six players and one goalie each. Teams also face off on a court approximately 66 by 131 feet. Players dribble, pass and shoot a ball into a goal. It is a very fast, exciting and aggressive player-on-player contact sport. SnapSports® designed the Bounceback surface to absorb player impact during aggressive play.

The tournament will showcase World All-Stars Vs. German All-Stars with some of the greatest names in Handball, such as Jackson Richardson, HANS Wislander and MIRZA DZOMBA, to name a few. This is an event not to miss.

“We are really excited to have our SnapSports® athletic surfaces chosen above all others as the official flooring of USA Team Handball and to be part of such a world-class event.” Said Jorgen Moller – SnapSports.

RaceDeck® Garage Flooring Featured In ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’ Premiering On The DIY Network Oct. 14th, 2010

The premiere episode of DIY’s  ” The Vanilla Ice Project ” will feature RaceDeck Garage Floors, leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular garage flooring worldwide.

The show’s host is pop icon Vanilla Ice, best known for his ’90s music. He also brings more than 15 years of home improvement experience to this 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach mansion. Vanilla Ice (aka Robert Van Winkle) and his crew of contractors get down to business and renovate a different room of the home, including the garage where RaceDeck is the garage floor of choice. The first season of ” The Vanilla Ice Project ” is based around the makeover of this home in Palm Beach.

One of the coolest areas of this 7,000 square foot home renovation is the garage. Rob truly created the ultimate man cave. When asked, he stated, “The most awesome thing is the garage — it’s the ultimate man cave, with Ferrari-style plasma screens, diamond plate chrome walls and the RaceDeck garage floor. You’ll just go, ‘Wow.'”

Built to withstand tough garage environments, RaceDeck flooring is the ideal way to turn a garage into a showplace. Ultra-durable flooring will withstand greasy spills and rolling loads of 80,000 pounds, so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Antilles School in St.Thomas Virgin Islands Chooses a SnapSports® as the Official Athletic Court

SnapSports®, the industry leading manufacturer & supplier of multi sport game courts and athletic surfacing, is the chosen athletic court for the Antilles School in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

“The SnapSports surface is well-suited to our tropical climate and provides a versatile, low-maintenance and attractive play surface for our students,” said Head of School Dean Horovitz.

The new Antilles School athletic game court features SnapSports® multi-patent outdoor BounceBack® ShockTower™ surfacing, the top rated modular sports surface in the industry. The self-draining SnapSports surface was customized to provide a variety of physical education and sports options. The surface was installed over the school’s well-worn asphalt courts. The new recreation area boasts two basketball courts, two foursquare courts, and two hopscotch courts. The seamless design of SnapSports allows the courts to easily convert to volley courts in just minutes, and they can be used for Futsal® – a five-on-five version of soccer which is very popular.

“ This was such a great project, the Antilles School wanted a top performing and safe recreation area for their students to play and exercise on. Our multi-patent outdoor BounceBack surfacing provides the industries highest level of performance and safety for athletes and can handle the harsh elements of Caribbean, it was a natural fit.” Said Jorgen Moller – SnapSports.

On opening day, students burst onto the court and immediately began jumping, shooting hoops, hop-scotching and kicking goals. It was pure energy and excitement on the court. Let the games begin.

“We continue to provide the best for our student athletes and the new play court adds yet another piece to our stable of top notch facilities “ said Athletic Director George Tipton.

Ronnie Price of Utah Jazz Installs SnapSports Backyard Basketball Court

Utah Jazz point guard Ronnie Price installed a
SnapSports® ShockTower® custom basketball court at his residence in Salt Lake City earlier this month.

Ronnie Price commented on the court, saying “I just want to let everyone know how good the floor is
and how good it’s been to me…it’s just like the real thing. I can just go outside and shoot
baskets whenever I want to. I’m really happy with it, it’s safe for the kids, my daughter loves
riding her bike on it…I enjoy it and I’m really happy with my decision to go with SnapSports.”
After graduating from Utah Valley University, Price started his professional basketball career
with the Sacramento Kings. He signed on with the Utah Jazz in 2007 and plays backup point
guard to Deron Williams.

Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports said, “We know Ronnie takes his game seriously, so we
take it as a huge compliment that he chose us for his home court. We know he’ll have a great
time on it with his family and friends.”

SnapSports® Taking Center Stage at the AAU Las Vegas West Coast National Championships

The Amateur Athletic Association (AAU), one of the world’s largest volunteer sports organizations, is hosting its West Coast National Championships July 22-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and has chosen SnapSports®to provide the athletic surfaces for the championship basketball courts.

During the AAU West Coast National Championships, athletes from ages 7 to 17 will compete on more than 45 courts. These courts feature 100,000+ square feet of SnapSports BounceBack® sports surfacing. Each square foot of the patented BounceBack surface contains over 1,000 shock absorbers. This provides the highest level of ‘cush’ for high impact competitive play as well as superior ball performance.
SnapSports surfacing at AAU West Coast National Championships“The AAU is such a great organization. We’re beside them in their goal to promote amateur sports and all the fun, camaraderie and health benefits they bring. Our BounceBack flooring is a perfect fit for the AAU – it’s easy to install, works for dozens of sport and provides unmatched performance & safety for these top amateur athletes to compete on,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports.

The AAU is also one of the largest non-profit volunteer sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU dedicates itself exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

USA Team Handball Hosts Poland and Germany in Their First American Match, Played on SnapSports Surfaces

For the first time in front of an American audience, two of Europe’s top handball teams will face off: Poland and Germany.

This Saturday, July 17th, number five ranked Poland takes on number four Germany at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. Poland comes to the match with a chip on its shoulder after losing to Germany in 2007, the last time the teams met.

Poland vs. Germany handball on SnapSports athletic surfacingThe game will be played on 20,000 feet of SnapSports® BounceBack® ShockTower® surfacing. SnapSports is the official flooring provider for USA Team Handball. USA Team Handball recognizes SnapSports BounceBack for its speed, ball response and unique safety features.

“We know that team handball is making strides in the US and we’re coming right along with them. No other company makes surfaces that stand up to the incredibly intense gameplay team handball brings. ” said Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports.

The German team has three Olympic medals, while the Poles have four World Championship medals, so this is sure to be a fierce competition.
Doors open at 10:30 am, July 17 and the festivities begin with live German and Polish music, a beer garden and food. The SportsFive network will broadcast the match.

25th USA Futsal Championship Tournament to be Played on SnapSports Athletic Surfaces

America’s oldest, largest and most prestigious futsal tournament will commence July 8th through 11th at the Long Beach Convention Center. At the 25th USA Futsal Championship Tournament, teams with members ages 10 and up will compete for the opportunity to call themselves the nation’s best.

SnapSports® is the official and exclusive surfacing provider for the United States Futsal Federation (USFF). USFF, national governing body for Futsal in the US, is furnishing eight courts totaling 57,000+ square feet for the tournament. Each blue and red court measures 66′ x 108′ and has a play area of 60′ by 100′. SnapSports BounceBack ShockTower is the USA Futsal surface of choice because of the optimum cushioning the flooring provides. Foot control and USA futsal championship surfaces by SnapSportstechnique are essential in this fast paced sport and SnapSports ShockTower  performs at the highest level for these outstanding athletes.

“Over the last 25 years, the game of futsal has progressed dramatically, especially in the US. We’re proud that the world’s top professionals choose to play on our courts and consider it a testament to the unmatched quality and performance of our sports flooring lineup” said Jorgen Moller, of SnapSports.

Futsal is a five-a-side version of soccer where athletes play on basketball-sized courts. The sport traces its roots to the 1930s and today, athletes play worldwide. Futsal is currently experiencing explosive growth in the US. The US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and US Futsal signed an agreement in August of 1995 to promote Futsal in all National State Associations as their game of choice for indoor soccer. Many American soccer coaches use Futsal to train athletes, especially in the off-season.

Phoenix Volleyball Festival Championships Played on SnapSports® Volleyball Surfaces

More than 7,000 players from 25 states will compete in this year’s Phoenix Volleyball Festival on SnapSports® BounceBack® volleyball surfaces. The event is one of the largest volleyball tournaments in the country, one of the most significant tournaments SnapSports surfaces are played on.

The showcase Red and Blue Championship Court comprises of multi-patented and patent pending SnapSports ShockTower® sports flooring. ShockTower has the top performance and safest play surface in the industry. Therefore, ShockTower offers players an added level of shock-absorption for high impact play. It’s been the preferred surface of the festival for a second year in a row. This surface is also the preferred flooring of top athletes all over the world.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of The Volleyball Festival for a second year in a row. Our SnapSports® premium volleyball surfaces were choosen above all others for the top volleyball players in the world to compete on and we think that says a lot about the quality and performance of our flooring!” says Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapSports, Inc.

Tickets for the event are on sale now at the US Airways Center box office. The championship round will commence at the US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix on July 3rd. FOX Sports and Prime Ticket networks will broadcast.

About Volleyball Festival – the Volleyball Festival has been dedicated to expanding opportunities of young women athletes since 1984. Now in its 27th year, the Volleyball Festival serves over 10,000 athletes annually and is part of the International Volleyball Hall of Fame.

AAU Big Mountain Jam Basketball Tournament To Be Played On SnapSports Flooring

Called “the biggest basketball event in Utah history” by its organizers, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) All Under One Roof Big Mountain Jam will pit hundreds of teams from across the country against each other in Salt Lake City.

Boys and girls teams from four classes will compete during the Big Mountain Jam five day event, one of the largest amateur sporting events in the US. Middle school/high school, AAU club, men’s church and Jr. Jazz /recreational teams will face off for the opportunity to call themselves the best amateur team in the country.

Over 82,432 feet of SnapSports BounceBack® flooring will be in play for the tournament’s 16 basketball courts. A 10,360 square foot SnapSports handball court will also be installed at the same venue as handball players from across the state of Utah, and the Western USA, will gather for Salt Lake Handball Club’s first major event. SnapSports is also the official sports surface for USA Team Handball.
The Big Mountain Jam will continue from June 27 to July 3 and will take place at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.
“To have a world-class organization, which promotes healthy competitive youth sports and our partners at USA Team Handball, right here in our backyard, together, is fantastic! It’s rewarding to be chosen as these organizations’ exclusive sports flooring over all other competitors,” said Jorgen Moller – CEO of SnapSports.

The AAU is one of the world’s largest volunteer sports organizations in the country and its mission is to develop and promote amateur physical fitness and sports programs. AAU basketball players, both of the past and present, have a long history of dominating the rosters of the most distinguished basketball tournaments across the nation.