SnapSports® Provides Flooring for the U.S. Futsal Northwest Regional Championships

SnapSports Athletic Surfacing at the US Futsal Northwest Regional Championships

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces, the industry leader in modular sport surfacing and official flooring of the U.S. Futsal Federation (USFF), is the exclusive sports surfacing of the organization’s Northwest Regional Championship.

The USFF Sanctioned Championship Northwest Regional Tournament will be held in Hayward, California, March 8 – 10, 2013. All tournament play will take place on SnapSports multi-patented BounceBack® ShockTower®, the premier surface for the fast paced and aggressive play of Futsal.

The U.S. Futsal Federation, governing body of the sport of Futsal in the United States, hosts yearly Regionals and a National Championship. Now in its fourth year of partnership with SnapSports®, these events are played on SnapSports premium athletic surfacing.

“With over 5,000 participating athletes, I rest assured that not only are we competing on a surface that exhibits superior ball play, we are providing the safest sports flooring available. SnapSports® has manufactured a high performance product with an incredible level of protection from injury upon impact that U.S. Futsal® is proud to endorse.” – Alex Para, CEO, USFF

SnapSports® multi-patented BounceBack ShockTower® flooring is the industry’s leading athletic surfacing. This surface provides superior durability and a patented shock absorbent substructure, allowing athletes to play better, faster, and longer. The ball passing and foot control technique required in the sport of Futsal are never an issue with SnapSports surfaces, thus making it the clear and only choice for the United States Futsal Federation.

“We have enjoyed the opportunity, over the last four years to continue our ongoing partnership with the U.S. Futsal Federation. The growth of Futsal in the U.S. is rapidly on the rise and we are excited to contribute to the momentum using our patented sports surfacing.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports®, Inc.

SnapSports® Provides Championship Volleyball Court at Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifiers

SnapSports® provides championship volleyball flooring at the 2013 Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier.

The 2013 Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier is a multi-day volleyball tournament with USA Volleyball sanctioned Junior National Qualifier Divisions. Young female athletes will arrive to the event in Denver, March 2-4 and March 8-10, 2013. While here, all championship play will take place on SnapSports® Indoor Volleyball Surfacing, featuring the multi-patented BounceBack ShockTower® Technology.

The Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier is the nation’s second largest indoor Volleyball event. This event happens annually over two weekends in Denver, Colorado. In its 27th year of operation, the 2013 tournament will host over 12,000 players and 1,100 teams. These players will compete for victory on SnapSports® Indoor Volleyball Courts, the preferred modular volleyball surface of top athletes and coaches SnapSports volleyball surfacing at the Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifiersworldwide.

SnapSports Volleyball Surfacing features the patented BounceBack® and ShockTower® Technologies, which incorporate an exclusive shock absorbent substructure, designed to ease joint impact and engineered specifically with player safety and performance in mind.

“We are very excited to have our SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing, chosen as the Championship Court of the Colorado Crossroads Junior National Qualifier Volleyball Tournament.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

RaceDeck® is Named the Official Preferred Garage Flooring for 2013 GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association

RaceDeck® garage floors, the world’s leading garage flooring manufacturer and supplier, has been named the Official Preferred Garage Floor Of the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association for 2013.

GoodGuys® is the world’s premier and largest Hot-Rod association with over 120,000 members.

“Everyone here at RaceDeck loves being a part of the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association; hot rods and its culture is in our blood. The people and their incredible rides are what we are all about and we’re proud to be part of such a world class organization.” Jorgen Moller, CEO of SnapLock Industries, manufacturer of RaceDeck garage flooring.

RaceDeck garage flooring is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of residential & commercial garage flooring, as well as portable event flooring often seen in race paddocks around the world. RaceDeck garage flooring pioneered the modular garage floor industry you see today. Thus, RaceDeck is the ‘original’ modular garage flooring company.

With RaceDeck being the world’s premier garage flooring manufacturer and GoodGuys being the leader in their industry, it was the obvious choice for GoodGuys to name RaceDeck their official “Preferred Garage Floor”.

The typical RaceDeck customer is an avid hot rod, sport car & show car enthusiast who demands only the best when it comes to their passion. Some of these street rods can cost anywhere form $20,000 to over $1,000,000! As a result, the people who work hard on these creations want to a showplace to park their ride. RaceDeck’s multi-patented garage flooring system quickly and easily turns any garage into a personal world-class showroom. Therefore, with RaceDeck products, anyone can have without question ‘The Coolest Garage On The Block™’.

“The members of GoodGuys build and own some the highest quality custom rides in the world. You will find that the same American Made quality and pride goes into every RaceDeck floor we manufacture. That is why we are the #1 choice of the GoodGuys members and the industry as a whole,” said Moller.

Goodguys offers over 20 car show events annually across the country, from coast to coast and all points in between. Goodguys events feature thousands of candy-colored hot rods and customs, tricked out trucks, mighty muscle cars and regal classics. These classics sprawl throughout venues such as lush fairgrounds, super speedways and large outdoor stadiums. The events also range from two-day affairs attended by 35,000 to 90,000 people to three and four day extravaganzas, attracting over 100,000 auto enthusiasts. To see some of the world’s coolest hot rod and street rod creations, be sure to attend an event. If you want to have ‘the coolest garage on the block’, check out RaceDeck’s website.

SnapSports® is Promoted to Official Technical Partner by FIBA

SnapSports®, the industry leader in modular sports surfacing and outdoor basketball game courts, announced today that they have been promoted to Official Technical Partner by the ‘FIBA® Equipment & Venue Centre’, the technical arm of the International Governing Body For Basketball.

FIBA approval assures players and athletes that all SnapSports indoor and outdoor sports flooring products fulfill the stringent standards specified in the latest edition of the Equipment & Venue Approval Program.

“We’re tremendously excited about our new, strengthened relationship with FIBA. For years we enjoyed being an ‘associate partner’ and our whole organization’s thrilled for our new role. FIBA expects a strong commitment from their Technical Partners. With only ten approved synthetic flooring partners worldwide, FIBA requires strong customer service, research & development, manufacturing and distribution. With SnapSports’ expanded offerings and global reach, we’re glad to have a partner like FIBA as we continue to pace the industry with new offerings and the most innovative technologies.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO SnapSports.

SnapSports Athletic Surfacing is the industry leading manufacturer of modular sports flooring. SnapSports specifically engineers exclusive technologies such as patented BounceBack® surfaces with safety and performance in mind. Therefore, they’re the clear choice for accommodating aggressive play. The patented ShockTower® technology also provides advanced shock absorption to ease the impact on players’ joints.

SnapLock® Industries Converts to Energy Efficient Electronic Injection Molding Presses

Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring, continues to lead the industry in superior technology and green manufacturing processes with the announced acquisition of multiple, new, state-of-the-art, low energy electronic presses for their 100,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

These hi-tech electric presses dramatically reduce energy consumption, with up to 70% savings over common hydraulic-type presses. With lower power consumption, the presses generate less waste heat. As a result, this minimizes the need for powered cooling towers and reducing heat released into the atmosphere. The new electric presses virtually eliminate hydraulic fluid from machine operations. Thus, this reduces the use of fossil fuels and the environmental hazards that used oils present.

Using advanced technologies, the electric presses are also significantly faster, much quieter, and produce far more accurate parts. With the reduced heat and noise output, worker productivity and comfort are dramatically improved. Electric presses also produce about 33% more output in the same footprint of previous generation presses. Combined with SnapLock’s proprietary manufacturing processes, this makes for the highest quality modular flooring systems available.

“The level of technology in these energy efficient machines is just astounding. This coupled with the fact that we’re using less than half the power of the old machines, and the noise and heat are way down. Additionally, we’ve increased our production output without the expense of expanding our manufacturing facility. These are the metrics driving modern US manufacturing.” -Jeremiah Shapiro – Director of Product Development

Global leading modular flooring brands manufactured include RaceDeck® garage floors, SnapSports® sport floors and outdoor game courts, DuraGrid® safety floors, SnapLock® portable dance floors and FastDeck® temporary event flooring.

“We have a long history of investing in technologies and innovation that keep us far ahead of the competition. With the addition of these new hi-tech energy efficient electric injection presses, proprietary manufacturing process’s, ISO 9001:2008 quality systems, green manufacturing and patent technologies, we continue to lead the industry with the highest quality modular flooring brands the world over,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO

U.S.A. Manufacturer SnapSports®, Supplies Volleyball Teams With A Patented ShockTower® Volleyball Court For The Teams Practice Facility At The 2012 Games In London.

SnapSports® was pleased to deliver and install a premium “BounceBack® ShockTower®” Volleyball Court for the volleyball teams at the Olympic practice facility in London July 18, 2012.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) July 20, 2012 — Salt Lake City, Utah-based SnapSports delivered and installed a premium “BounceBack® ShockTower®” Volleyball Court for Olympic volleyball practice facility in London July 18- August 11, 2012.

“Supplying our patented ShockTower® volleyball courts for our countries volleyball team to practice on prior and during the games, was a rewarding experience for us all and a testament to our top-rated, U.S.A. made sport floor systems,” said Jorgen Moller of SnapSports.

The multi-patented ShockTower® surfacing is the world’s first and only full-suspension modular floor with built-in shock absorbers.  This surface employs over sixteen individual shocks per square foot for consistent play. Thus, engineered to not only protect players during impact, but also to improve overall sports performance during play. ShockTower technology is available for both commercial and residential indoor & outdoor courts. This technology is exclusively from SnapSports®, the world’s leader in quality modular sport flooring and residential outdoor game courts.

Family-owned SnapSports designs, engineers, and manufactures all products in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their 100,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Certified facility is supported by a global distribution network.

“Knowing that our countries teams will practicing and honing their skills on our top performance rated ShockTower volleyball game courts is very rewarding to everyone here at SnapSports,” said Moller.

SnapSports is the official sport surface provider for the United States Futsal Federation (USFF) , AAU Basketball Jam on It, Volleyball Festival, Special Olympics, 2011 World Police & Fire Games, AAU Basketball All Under One Roof, Veteran Wheelchair Games, Colorado Crossroads, National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships, AAU Big Mountain Jam and U.S.A. Team Handball, to name a few.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing Named Official Sport Floors of the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association’s 2012 National Championships

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces will provide the official athletic surfacing for the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships at the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City on April 11-16, 2012.

SnapSports multi-patented, high-performance hockey surfacing will be the official floor for the hockey championships. There, college elite will gather to compete for the title of National Champion.

SnapSports is the industry leading manufacturer of premium athletic surfaces. SnapSports designs surfaces specifically to accommodate aggressive play and engineered with safety and performance in mind. Therefore, SnapSports is the top choice of both coaches and athletes the world over. Their multi-patented technology delivers unmatched shock absorption and ideal traction, engineered to withstand competition at the highest levels. The shock absorption provides an added level of “cush”, reducing the impact on players’ joints and limbs, thus allowing athletes to play longer today and for years to come.

“SnapSports has a strong commitment to encouraging athletic participation in youth and young adults, and is proud to have been chosen for the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships, held right here in our backyard at the Utah Olympic Oval in Salt Lake City, Utah.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports.

SnapSports® Basketball Surfaces to be the Official Courts of 2012 Reno ‘AAU Spring Jam Championships’

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing will provide the official flooring for the Jam On It 2012 Reno AAU Spring Jam, to be held March 31 – April 1, 2012 at the Grand Sierra Hotel & Resort in Reno, NV. Athletes play all tournament and championship games on SnapSports multi-patented, high-performance athletic surfacing.

The Annual Reno AAU Spring Jam, hosted by Jam On It Basketball Academy, enters its 21st year of tournament hosting. Recognized as one of the premier tournament event operators in the country, and the Pacific AAU, bring together young athletes of various skill levels and age together to compete and celebrate their passion for basketball. All of the games during this two-day tournament will be played on SnapSports® multi-patented Athletic Surfacing, the preferred flooring of Jam On It – All Under One Roof Basketball Tournaments.

“The Flooring is awesome, (the players) love it, the way you install it, the way you clean it, the way we set it up, it’s second to none and we tried all of the others.” – Matt Williams, Tournament Director, Jam On It –All Under One Roof Basketball Tournaments

SnapSports Athletic Surfaces at 2012 Reno AAU Spring JamSnapSports Athletic Surfaces is the industry leading manufacturer of high-performance modular sports surfaces. SnapSports designed patented BounceBack® surfaces specifically to accommodate aggressive play. Patented ShockTower® technology also provides superior shock absorption and eases the impact on joints, creating a safer playing surface for athletes.

“We are excited for the opportunity to continue our long-standing relationship with this outstanding organization, and provide the type of high-performing sports floor these young athletes need to perform at the top of their game” – Jorgen Moller, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports® Athletic Floors Introduces Their New Maple TuffShield® Sports Flooring, an Industry First

Unlike competing modular sport surfaces, which apply thin films and painted coatings, which tend to easily wear and peel, TuffShield incorporates a multi-patented, 100% in-mold technology for unmatched durability, quality and consistency.

“The feedback from sport facility managers, coaches and players has been incredible. The players and fans love the play and look of this system. Year after year, our team is committed to developing the industry’s best and top performing products, and I am proud to say they knocked it out of the park again with TuffShield Maple. ” – Jorgen Moller CEO of SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports®, recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium athletic surfaces, is no stranger to innovation. SnapSports continues to introduce the industry’s leading performance sports flooring products year after year. SnapSports Athletic Floor offerings include both commercial and residential outdoor multi-courts and indoor gymnasium surfaces.

Some of SnapSports’ exclusive technologies include ShockTower® – a full-suspension floor system with 16 resilient shock absorbers per square foot, inserted into the sub-structure, providing an added level of “cush” to reduce impact on athletes joints and limbs during play; ShockLock® – an interlocking system which lets individual modules slide during impact, but keeps the entire sport surface fully engaged. This built-in “give” eases player joint impact and creates a safer athletic surface. BounceBack® – a full-suspension modular flooring system with an understructure that performs as a high impact shock absorber, reducing fatigue and injury to athletes. Each square foot of BounceBack weighs in at over one pound, stands ¾” tall and contains nearly 1,200 shock absorbing support towers. It is the industry heavyweight.

SnapSports® Sports Flooring Receives EN-14904 Certificate Of Compliance

SnapSports®, the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring, has successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements to pass EN-14904 testing, the quality & performance benchmark for the European Union Standard on sports flooring.

“The EN standard was created to differentiate between various performance levels and allows flooring products to be developed for specific sport applications and meet a worldwide standard. SnapSports® flooring has been engineered for use in various applications and performance levels. Our indoor and outdoor Bounceback products can be customized to meet any performance requirement with our proprietary and patent pending shock tower system.” – Jeremiah Shapiro, Director of Product Development, SnapSports®.

EN-14904 standard clearly defines acceptable sporting characteristics for force reduction, vertical deformation, grip and slip performance expressed as a coefficient of friction, ball bounce as well as technical characteristics including resistance to indentation, rolling loads, impact and abrasion and other factors which affect the long term performance of a sports floor. SnapSports® has passed the mandatory Force Reduction, Vertical Deflection, Ball Rebound, Resistance to Impact and Resistance to Indentation requirements to successfully comply with the EN-14904 standards. There is only one EN standard ensuring uniform testing for athletic floors. This will result in less confusion and a set of criteria that can evaluate floor performance in a more uniform manner and creates a larger selection of floors in the marketplace.

“The addition of EN-14904 compliance makes a clear statement to our international customers about our commitment to manufacturing the top performance and safe play athletic floors in the industry. The team at SnapSports® strives continuously to improve our products, systems and engineer the most advanced modular sports surfacing in the industry, which is why we have emerged as the clear industry leader today.“ – Jorgen Moller, SnapSports®.