SnapSports® Introduces New 50-50™ Sports Flooring: Industry’s Largest Modular Sports Floor

SnapSports® has introduced the newest addition to their multi-patented sports flooring line, 50-50 ™, the largest high-performance modular sports surface in the industry.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing has proven that ‘Size Does Matter’ with the introduction of their newest modular surfacing, 50-50. Now the largest available module on the market, the 50-50 is set to be the pinnacle of indoor sports surfacing, especially for competitive volleyball at every level of sport.

“The 50-50 will have a huge impact in the volleyball world. A floor guaranteeing 70% fewer seams, will ensure a much safer surface for athletes during high impact play while continuing to exhibit the top rated performance SnapSports is known for. The ability to assemble and disassemble courts at a faster rate will also be a huge asset to clubs worldwide.” – Matt Williams, AAU Governor, Pacific District

The half meter (Sq2) size of the 50-50 guarantees over 70% fewer seams than any competitor’s sport tile. This makes for a considerably more consistent surface during competitive play. The largest module in the industry provides the fastest deployment of any suspended modular sport surface. We call this a SnapSportability™ that is ideal for tournaments, athletic showcases, and non-permanent floors. Conformance to international play standards certifies that this product will be available worldwide.

The 50-50 is also available with SnapSports new dual-stage ShockTower® Technology, a full suspension floor system engineered with resilient shock absorbers within the substructure. An improvement upon the first generation of ShockTower, the dual-stage shock provides a primary and a secondary level of “give” designed to reduce the vertical impact on athletes’ joints and extremities. In combination with the ShockLock® lateral impact technology, the 50-50 surfacing makes play safer, allowing athletes to play for longer and prevent fatigue or injury.

“SnapSports consistently develops game changing sports products. We developed the ShockTower, an innovation greatly reducing the force sustained by athletes and eliminating the need for underlayment. Now, our newest product, the 50-50 surface, utilizes that ShockTower technology in the industry’s largest module. We see this product having great success in our International market and expect that many will find this far superior to the floors they play on now.” – Robert Dougherty, SnapSports International Sales Manager

SnapLock® Industries Introduces Multi-Patented ShockTower® Technology to the RaceDeck Garage Flooring Product Line

SnapLock® Industries, the manufacturer of RaceDeck® garage flooring ShockTower® Structureintroduces their multi-patented ShockTower® Technology to the RaceDeck Garage Flooring product line.

The ShockTower® patented system incorporates eight independent shock absorbers, or ShockTowers, per square foot to attenuate sound and reduce stress on joints and muscles. This modular floor system is manufactured with TWO distinctly different materials molded into ONE floor.

ShockTower technology was first introduced nearly six years ago for the modular sports flooring line SnapSports®. Since that time, ShockTower revolutionized the modular sports flooring world and SnapSports has emerged as the industry champion.

“Our engineers spent a lot of time developing ShockTower for the harsh garage environment and they hit it out of the park on this one,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO SnapLock® Industries.

The new system is fully compatible with all current RaceDeck® garage flooring styles. The customer also has the choice of doing their entire garage with ShockTower. Suggested applications include workstations, walkways, commercial and residential garages, or any environment where the user would benefit from a consistent, quiet and low-impact surface

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces are the Official Basketball Courts for the AAU ‘All Under One Roof’ Big Mountain Jam Tournament in Salt Lake City, UT

SnapSports Surfacing at AAU All Under One Roof Big Mountain Jam Tournament

SnapSports will deliver over 110,000ft² of premium Basketball Surfacing for the “ All Under One Roof ” Big Mountain Jam Tournament to be held June 27-29, 2013, in Salt Lake City, UT at the South Towne Expo Center.

For the first time, the AAU ‘Jam On It/All Under One Roof’ organization will run the Big Mountain Jam Tournament in conjunction with SnapSports. All athletes will compete on 23 SnapSports multi-patented basketball courts, featuring the revolutionary ShockTower® Shock Absorption Technology. This improves performance and eases impact to players’ joints and limbs during aggressive play.

Big Mountain Jam, an annual AAU sanctioned tournament, now partnered with SnapSports and presented by the ‘Jam On It/All Under One Roof’ organization, has experienced exponential growth over several years and is now one of the leading AAU Basketball Tournaments in the country. With over 400 teams and an expected attendance of 15,000 people, this event experiences explosive growth and is expected to continue to rise in years to come.

“Over the past several years, SnapSports has had the opportunity to participate in this event, as the Official Sports Surfacing. We are very excited to increase our involvement and co-host this year’s tournament with the ‘Jam On It’ Organization, one of the premier event organizers in the country. We hope to continue our involvement and build this growing event in the years to come.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of backyard courts and indoor multi-sport surfaces.

Their multi-patented products are engineered with safety and performance in mind, to deliver superior traction, consistent ball response, and unmatched shock absorption. The SnapSports patented ShockTower® Shock Absorption Technology eases the impact on players’ joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come. SnapSports floors are engineered to withstand competition at the highest levels, making them the top choice of coaches, athletes and facility directors worldwide.

“Jam On It and the ‘Big Mountain Jam’ are excited to return to Salt Lake City. Big Mountain Jam is growing every year and SnapSports is a big contributor of our success. The teams love these courts and the way they play; no other modular sport flooring company can compare to SnapSports. We are looking forward to an exciting, full week of basketball in Salt Lake City.” – Matt Williams, CEO, Jam On It/All Under One Roof.

SnapSports® Official Sports Flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces is the official flooring of the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships, to be held May 17-19 at the Reno-Spark Convention Center in Reno, Nevada.

SnapSports multi-patented sports surfacing is the preferred tournament surfacing of USA Team Handball and the top performing sports flooring in the industry.SnapSports Surfacing at the 2013 USA Team Handball Club National Championships
The USATH 2013 Club National Championship is the largest annual Handball competition in the country. Teams from across the nation will diverge on Reno to participate in this championship tournament during the course of which, the best among them will be decided. The athletes will play at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center on over 30K square feet of SnapSports multi-patented Revolution ShockTower® surfacing.

“Our Partnership with SnapSports has allowed USATH to grow both in popularity and organizationally. We have had the opportunity to work with other modular floor companies, but we chose SnapSports… their products have outperformed our expectations and we prefer their surfacing over others in the industry.” – Jeffrey Utz, President, USATH.

USA Team Handball, the National Governing Body for the Olympic discipline of Team Handball, is determined to energize a growing base of players in the sport and create an all new model for international success.
SnapSports multi-patented Athletic Surfacing, the official surface provider for USA Team Handball, is the top rated sports flooring in the industry. Engineered specifically with safety and performance in mind, SnapSports products offer unmatched durability and traction while featuring superior shock absorption using the patented ShockTower® technology.

“SnapSports enjoys the continued opportunity to be the Official Surfacing Partner of USA Team Handball. Our multi-patented products provide the traction and control that are crucial elements in the sport of Handball. SnapSports surfacing ensures player safety and keeps athletes performing at their peak.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports® Is The Official Sports Flooring for AAU Jam On It Las Vegas Desert Jam 2013

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing is the official sports flooring of AAU Jam On It’s Las Vegas Desert Jam Tournament. The tournament will take place at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy, May 11-12, 2013, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This AAU Jam On It tournament will showcase boys and girl’s teams, grades SnapSports Surfacing at 2013 AAU Desert Jam in Vegas4th – 12th, playing in this Southern Nevada Qualifying Basketball Tournament Series for the West Coast National Championships held in Las Vegas, July 18-21, 2013. The event will include a mix of teams, both local and out-of-town.  All teams participating in this series will receive a three game guarantee, with trophies and medals awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing is the top rated modular sport flooring in the industry. The multi-patented BounceBack® surface offers superior traction and durability. The multi-patented ShockTower® technology also uses an understructure composed of sixteen individual shock absorbers to offer superior shock absorption. This eases the impact on players’ joints, allowing them to play longer today and for years to come.

“Our athletes love playing on SnapSports athletic surfacing. Teams can play upwards of a dozen times during an event and with the incredible structural support and “cush” of ShockTower, the players are never fatigued from floor impacts.” – Matt Williams, CEO, AAU Jam On It.

SnapSports® to Provide Official Sports Surfacing to Junior Volleyball Association’s World Challenge

SnapSports surfacing at the Junior Volleyball Association's World Challenge 2013

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing is the tournament flooring for the Annual Junior Volleyball Association’s World Challenge. This AAU Sanctioned event takes place in Louisville, Kentucky, April 12-14, 2013.

The event hosts top youth athletes competing in two-day tournament-style play, for which all games will be played exclusively on SnapSports championship volleyball courts.

The World Challenge is the only major fundraiser for the Junior Volleyball Association. This year’s tournament will feature competition amongst teams from the United States and Canada. Additional interactive experiences enhance the overall event. The JVA Organization has also partnered with AVCA to host the 2013 AVCA/NCSA College Prep Combine. This partnership gives athletes a chance to build their recruiting profile.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing, the industry leader in modular sports flooring, is the perfect fit for a tournament of young athletes. The superior shock absorption offered by SnapSports multi-patented ShockTower® Technology, eases the impact on players’ joints and allows athletes to play better, faster, and safer. Therefore, the exclusive multi-patented technology is the reason that SnapSports remains the top choice for coaches and athletes worldwide.

“The opportunity to work with the Junior Volleyball Association and provide our courts to another AAU Sanctioned event, is exciting for SnapSports, as we continue to support youth sports and youth sports organizations at every level.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports

University of Puerto Rico Upgrades Gymnasium with SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing

University of Puerto Rico New SnapSports Gym

The Piedras Campus at the University of Puerto Rico retrofitted their gymnasium with 18,000 square feet of the multi-patented SnapSports BounceBack® flooring with ShockTower® technology.

The existing surface consisted of polyurethane over recycled rubber that was tired, worn, and considered unsafe for sports play. ABC Sports, authorized dealer for SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces in Puerto Rico, removed the old gym floor and prepared the concrete to receive new high-tech SnapSports surfacing. The arena is heavily used by students and top athletes for volleyball, basketball and team handball. It is the largest SnapSports project in Puerto Rico to date.

“This campus is the University of Puerto Rico’s biggest of 12 additional campuses around the Island. The games that are played on these courts draw a lot of attention from the sports reporters and media in Puerto Rico. The male National Volleyball Team that represents Puerto Rico in every competition around the world has made these courts their home base for their practices. The head coach for the National Team, Mr. David Alemán, as well as the players, is extremely pleased with the new SnapSports ShockTower® surface.” – Abid Quinones, President ABC Sports.

SnapSports ShockTower® exclusive patented technology delivers top rated performance and safety. This is done through 16 individual shock absorbers per square foot within the sub-structure of the entire floor. The ‘Shocks’ provide an added level of “cush” to help prevent injury during aggressive play and help reduce impact on players’ joints and limbs.

“I’ve met several times with the university’s athletic and recreation department managers. They all had 100% faith and trust in ABC Sports and their ability to deliver the best surface for UPR’s student athletes. They couldn’t be happier with their floor.” – Robert Dougherty, International Sales Manager, SnapSports, Inc.

RaceDeck® Garage Flooring Featured on Third Season of ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

The Vanilla Ice Project

RaceDeck® Garage Flooring, the industry leader in premier modular garage flooring, is set to be featured on Season 3 of the DIY Network’s hit television series, ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’.

The show, now a staple on the network, features a Florida home undergoing a massive renovation, turning an outdated fossil into a million dollar mansion. RaceDeck will make its third straight appearance on the series with this episode, airing Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.

RaceDeck is widely recognized as the world’s leading garage flooring manufacturer and supplier, for both commercial and residential installations. The simple, do-it-yourself installation and unmatched durability make it the perfect choice for homeowners looking to give their home garages an easy and long lasting makeover. The invention of RaceDeck Garage Flooring pioneered the modular garage flooring industry that you see today. RaceDeck is the ‘original’ modular garage flooring company.

Host of ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’, 90’s pop icon Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle), and his crew bring over 15 years of experience in home renovation to the small screen, in the DIY Network Series. Taking this Florida home apart room by room, the team transforms this house into a prime piece of Florida real estate. This includes a complete garage overhaul, where the new-and-improved garage will feature premium RaceDeck Flooring.

SnapSports® Named Official Basketball Surfacing For AAU Jam On It Las Vegas Shoot Out

SnapSports Surfacing at the 2013 AAU Jam On It Las Vegas

SnapSports®, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular sports flooring and outdoor game courts, will provide all official sport surfacing for the 2013 AAU ‘Jam On It’ Las Vegas Shootout Basketball Tournament March 23-24.

Participating athletes will compete on SnapSports multi-patented Indoor BounceBack with ShockTower® floors, designed to deliver superior performance and reduce impact to player joints using shock absorption technology.

Hosted by Jam On It – All Under One Roof Tournaments, one of the premier tournament event operators in the country, The Las Vegas Shootout will take place at the Tarkanian Basketball Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will also host boys and girls, 4th grade through varsity, for two days of intense competition. The Jam On It – All Under One Roof organization, has been hosting top level AAU Sanctioned events for over 15 years and takes pride in their commitment to quality and athlete safety, making SnapSports® the clear choice as the Official Basketball Flooring for all tournaments.

“Over the years we’ve used nearly every indoor modular surface and I can say unequivocally that SnapSports products are the best in the industry!” – Matt Williams, CEO, All Under One Roof – Jam On It

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces offers the premier modular sports flooring and outdoor multi-courts on the market today. Engineered specifically with performance and safety in mind, SnapSports ShockTower® surfaces provide superior shock absorption through patented technology ensuring longer and safer play. Unmatched traction, ball response and durability therefore make SnapSports the top choice of athletes, coaches and facility managers worldwide.

“SnapSports continues to support the sport of basketball and encourage youth athletics through our partnership with the AAU Jam On It organization. We welcome the opportunity to provide a superior playing surface on which these young athletes can safely compete.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfaces to be Featured on DIY’s Hit Series ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

SnapSports Athletic Surfacing on The Vanilla Ice Project

SnapSports®, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular sport flooring and outdoor courts, features on the upcoming episode of DIY Network’s Hit Series, The Vanilla Ice Project, set to air Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.

The episode includes a complete renovation of a backyard space with the install of SnapSports backyard multi-game court.

The Vanilla Ice Project follows the 90’s pop icon and his crew of contractors as they conduct a massive room-by-room home renovation, transforming the less-than-impressive space into lucrative real estate. Sunday’s episode of the hit TV series, now in its third season, will feature a full backyard renovation. The crew will replace an old, washed-out tennis court with a world class multi-court using SnapSports® patented outdoor sports surfacing.

“We turned an old, rotten and cracked tennis court into something new with state of the art technology. If you want the best, then this is the court for you.” – Rob Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice Project.

SnapSports® outdoor game courts are the safest and most durable outdoor multi-courts on the market. SnapSports surfaces are Built for Life™, engineered to withstand the elements throughout every season, delivering healthy fun to families worldwide. Patented SnapSports Athletic Surfaces provide a versatile and seamless surface for a wide range of sports. SnapSports advanced products include BounceBack® , DuraCourt®, and the BounceBack ShockTower®, the most shock absorbent outdoor surface.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to continue our relationship with the DIY Network and the Vanilla Ice Project by having an all-star home court installation for this incredible backyard remodel.” – Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.