SnapLock® Industries Converts to Energy Efficient Electronic Injection Molding Presses

Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring, continues to lead the industry in superior technology and green manufacturing processes with the announced acquisition of multiple, new, state-of-the-art, low energy electronic presses for their 100,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

These hi-tech electric presses dramatically reduce energy consumption, with up to 70% savings over common hydraulic-type presses. With lower power consumption, the presses generate less waste heat. As a result, this minimizes the need for powered cooling towers and reducing heat released into the atmosphere. The new electric presses virtually eliminate hydraulic fluid from machine operations. Thus, this reduces the use of fossil fuels and the environmental hazards that used oils present.

Using advanced technologies, the electric presses are also significantly faster, much quieter, and produce far more accurate parts. With the reduced heat and noise output, worker productivity and comfort are dramatically improved. Electric presses also produce about 33% more output in the same footprint of previous generation presses. Combined with SnapLock’s proprietary manufacturing processes, this makes for the highest quality modular flooring systems available.

“The level of technology in these energy efficient machines is just astounding. This coupled with the fact that we’re using less than half the power of the old machines, and the noise and heat are way down. Additionally, we’ve increased our production output without the expense of expanding our manufacturing facility. These are the metrics driving modern US manufacturing.” -Jeremiah Shapiro – Director of Product Development

Global leading modular flooring brands manufactured include RaceDeck® garage floors, SnapSports® sport floors and outdoor game courts, DuraGrid® safety floors, SnapLock® portable dance floors and FastDeck® temporary event flooring.

“We have a long history of investing in technologies and innovation that keep us far ahead of the competition. With the addition of these new hi-tech energy efficient electric injection presses, proprietary manufacturing process’s, ISO 9001:2008 quality systems, green manufacturing and patent technologies, we continue to lead the industry with the highest quality modular flooring brands the world over,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO

SnapSports® Sports Flooring Receives EN-14904 Certificate Of Compliance

SnapSports®, the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular sports flooring, has successfully fulfilled the necessary requirements to pass EN-14904 testing, the quality & performance benchmark for the European Union Standard on sports flooring.

“The EN standard was created to differentiate between various performance levels and allows flooring products to be developed for specific sport applications and meet a worldwide standard. SnapSports® flooring has been engineered for use in various applications and performance levels. Our indoor and outdoor Bounceback products can be customized to meet any performance requirement with our proprietary and patent pending shock tower system.” – Jeremiah Shapiro, Director of Product Development, SnapSports®.

EN-14904 standard clearly defines acceptable sporting characteristics for force reduction, vertical deformation, grip and slip performance expressed as a coefficient of friction, ball bounce as well as technical characteristics including resistance to indentation, rolling loads, impact and abrasion and other factors which affect the long term performance of a sports floor. SnapSports® has passed the mandatory Force Reduction, Vertical Deflection, Ball Rebound, Resistance to Impact and Resistance to Indentation requirements to successfully comply with the EN-14904 standards. There is only one EN standard ensuring uniform testing for athletic floors. This will result in less confusion and a set of criteria that can evaluate floor performance in a more uniform manner and creates a larger selection of floors in the marketplace.

“The addition of EN-14904 compliance makes a clear statement to our international customers about our commitment to manufacturing the top performance and safe play athletic floors in the industry. The team at SnapSports® strives continuously to improve our products, systems and engineer the most advanced modular sports surfacing in the industry, which is why we have emerged as the clear industry leader today.“ – Jorgen Moller, SnapSports®.

SnapLock® Inc. is Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification

SnapLock, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular flooring products, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification for its Quality Management System, demonstrating its uncompromising commitment to manufacturing and providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

SnapLock, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular flooring products, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification for its Quality Management System, demonstrating its uncompromising commitment to manufacturing and providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

ISO 9001:2008 – the global benchmark for quality systems standard, ensures that the SnapLock quality systems meet or exceed the stringent standards set for areas such as; consistent product quality & performance,productivity & efficiency, and customer satisfaction through our continuous improvements. ISO (InternationalOrganization for Standardization) ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognized standard in 162 countries and work in partnership with international organizations, governments, public & private sectors, business and consumer representatives.

“SnapLock is dedicated to exceed our customer expectations for product quality, on-time delivery, and the unparalleled service that we provide. Our team’s focus on techniques for continuous improvement perpetuates our ability to produce the highest quality products in the industry for our valued customers.” Jeremiah Shapiro, SnapLock.

SnapLock Manufacturing has a long history of being recognized as the world’s ‘gold standard’ in the modular flooring industry. SnapLock Manufacturing produces many of the world’s most recognized and industry leading brands, such as RaceDeck® garage floors, SnapSports® athletic floors & game courts, DuraGrid® matting,SnapLock® dance floors and FastDeck® temporary event flooring. SnapLock® Manufacturing Facility is located in Salt Lake City-Utah, from where they manufacture and supply all of their products throughout the world.

“Quality! – Whether in people, processes or products is a vital ingredient for any company to achieve success and lead their respective industry. By achieving this milestone in quality we demonstrated our strong commitment to quality – at every level of our organization. I am very proud of our entire ‘Snap’ team for their dedication and relentless pursuit of perfection and being awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification,” said Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapLock.

A quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001:2008 standard typically takes over a year to fully implement. Due to the processes and procedures that have been long utilized and practiced, SnapLock was able to achieve full certification in just under 6 months. There were no non-conformances found during the registrar’s audit, which further validate SnapLock’s history of commitment to quality and dedication for continuous improvement.

“This certification validates to our customers, the level of our commitment to quality and enduring improvement systems are at a level that is light years ahead of any other competitor within our industry,unsurpassable customer satisfaction is our top priority at SnapLock,” concluded Moller.

Little Feet Foundation and Skullcandy Provide SnapSports Outdoor Futsal Court to Children Less Fortunate

In May, 2011, the Little Feet Foundation, in partnership with Skullcandy®, completed the installation of a multi-patent SnapSports outdoor Futsal court, in Huacas, (Tamarindo) in Northern Costa Rica, for the children of the villages surrounding the area. SnapSports® Futsal surfaces are the official flooring for United States Futsal Federation (USFF), the governing body for the sport of Futsal in the U.S.A.

The Little Feet Foundation, founded by Trevor Slavick, was created with one big goal in mind; sending soccer balls to underprivileged children around the world. Trevor conceptualized the idea for Little Feet, while working as an airline pilot and playing soccer with children in the more impoverished areas of Central and South America. Working in partnership with, Skullcandy®, a Park City, UT based company, known for its generous humanitarian efforts around the world, the team at Little Feet have been able to give the gift of soccer to the less fortunate children in the area of Northern Costa Rica, with the installation of a SnapSports® Futsal Court.

“We are happy to partner with a great company like Skullcandy, and a world class foundation such as Little Feet, to provide a high-quality SnapSports Futsal pitch to the children of these impoverished Costa Rican Villages, giving them the opportunity to participate in a sport they love, it’s very rewarding for us all here at SnapSports” Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

SnapSports® Provides Futsal Court for Utah Boy Scouts at Scout-O-Rama 2011

SnapSports®, the world’s leading manufacturer of modular athletic surfacing, will provide a championship quality Futsal court for interactive play at Utah’s Annual Scout-O-Rama 2011.
SnapSports, the industry leading manufacturer of athletic surfacing, will be supplying a multi-patented Futsal court for the Boy Scouts Scout-O-Rama 2011, being held at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, UT on April 30. The SnapSports® Futsal soccer court will be used as an interactive showcase, to garner more youth involvement in the game of Futsal, and also to give kids the opportunity to learn more about scouting.

Utah’s 2011 Scout-O-Rama, hosted by the Great Salt Lake Council, Boys Scouts of America, will not only be an opportunity for the scouts to showcase their skills, but also will highlight the kick off of their focus on ‘A New Century of Scouting Service’, by which the scouts put an emphasis on completing 2011 hours of service and encourage all attendees to participate as well, by bringing a canned food item to be donated to the Utah Food Bank or a children’s book to be donated to Read Today.
The annual Scout-O-Rama event is expected to bring 25,000-30,000 attendees of all ages and give them the opportunity to participate in fun and exciting “hands-on” exhibits, including an interactive clinic with two indoor soccer leagues that will be playing games on the SnapSports® Futsal court.

SnapSports® multi-patented sports surfacing, is specifically designed to endure high-performance play by athletes of all ages and ability. Incorporating a multi-patent shock-absorption technology, SnapSports® athletic surfacing, eases the impact on joints, allowing athletes to play safer and longer. As the official flooring of the United States Futsal Federation (USFF), SnapSports®, is delighted to partner with an outstanding organization like the Great Salt Lake Council, Boys Scouts of America, to help promote youth involvement in the sport, and within the scout’s organization.

“Having this event right in our backyard is fantastic, everyone here at SnapSports is looking forward to seeing an exciting weekend of fun family oriented sports competition take place on our floors. ”- Jorgen Moller, CEO, SnapSports, Inc.

The Scouts Organization hopes that by incorporating the sport of Futsal they can encourage more Hispanic youth to become involved in scouting as well. Also expected to join in Saturday’s activities is Leo the Lion, ReAL Salt Lake Mascot, who will stop by and help the kids do some goal shooting on the SnapSports® Futsal court later that afternoon. The Great Salt Lake Council has also announced Jerry Sloan, as the 2011 Scout-O-Rama Honorary Chairman.

“It’s these kinds of partnerships that are what scouting is all about.”- Reid Hall, Boy Scouts of America, Great Salt Lake Council.

SnapSports® Athletic Surfacing Is Chosen As The Championship Court For The Big Apple World All-Stars Tournament on January 1-2, 2011

The 2nd annual Big Apple Handball World All-Stars Tournament will commence this January 1-2, 2011 In New York City’s Riverbank State Park Pavillion. Top professional teams will compete on multi-patented SnapSports® ShockTower® Team Handball sports flooring, also the official flooring of the United States Futsal Federation (USFF).

“We are excited to have SnapSports surfacing at the 2011 Big Apple Tourmament and All Star Event with the best team handball floor the US has to offer the Sport. All of our teams and professional players really enjoyed playing on SnapSports at our 2010 inaugural event.”

-Shkumbin Mustafa, President, New York City Team Handball Club and Big Apple Tournament/All Star Event Director

159 Nations and 39 million people play Handball, widely known as Team Handball in the United States. Many people link elements of basketball, soccer and lacrosse to the sport. Because of this, it is fast, physical and exciting. Competition involves two teams with six players and one goalie each. Teams also face off on a court approximately 66 by 131 feet. Players dribble, pass and shoot a ball into a goal. It is a very fast, exciting and aggressive player-on-player contact sport. SnapSports® designed the Bounceback surface to absorb player impact during aggressive play.

The tournament will showcase World All-Stars Vs. German All-Stars with some of the greatest names in Handball, such as Jackson Richardson, HANS Wislander and MIRZA DZOMBA, to name a few. This is an event not to miss.

“We are really excited to have our SnapSports® athletic surfaces chosen above all others as the official flooring of USA Team Handball and to be part of such a world-class event.” Said Jorgen Moller – SnapSports.

Antilles School in St.Thomas Virgin Islands Chooses a SnapSports® as the Official Athletic Court

SnapSports®, the industry leading manufacturer & supplier of multi sport game courts and athletic surfacing, is the chosen athletic court for the Antilles School in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

“The SnapSports surface is well-suited to our tropical climate and provides a versatile, low-maintenance and attractive play surface for our students,” said Head of School Dean Horovitz.

The new Antilles School athletic game court features SnapSports® multi-patent outdoor BounceBack® ShockTower™ surfacing, the top rated modular sports surface in the industry. The self-draining SnapSports surface was customized to provide a variety of physical education and sports options. The surface was installed over the school’s well-worn asphalt courts. The new recreation area boasts two basketball courts, two foursquare courts, and two hopscotch courts. The seamless design of SnapSports allows the courts to easily convert to volley courts in just minutes, and they can be used for Futsal® – a five-on-five version of soccer which is very popular.

“ This was such a great project, the Antilles School wanted a top performing and safe recreation area for their students to play and exercise on. Our multi-patent outdoor BounceBack surfacing provides the industries highest level of performance and safety for athletes and can handle the harsh elements of Caribbean, it was a natural fit.” Said Jorgen Moller – SnapSports.

On opening day, students burst onto the court and immediately began jumping, shooting hoops, hop-scotching and kicking goals. It was pure energy and excitement on the court. Let the games begin.

“We continue to provide the best for our student athletes and the new play court adds yet another piece to our stable of top notch facilities “ said Athletic Director George Tipton.