RaceDeck Garage Floors Introduces New Patent-Pending AccuPark™ Safety Product

Snap Lock Industries, the manufacturer of RaceDeck® Garage Flooring is happy to announce the release of their new multi-patent pending AccuPark™ interlocking parking guide. ” What is unique about this product is that it SNAPS into any of the RaceDeck floor system, unlike other parking guides which are just tossed loosely on the garage floor.” said CEO Jorgen Moller. He went on to say ” This is just one of the many new products and technologies we have created within this industry. We have a team of individuals whom have the skills, passion and commitment that has lead us to be the undisputed industry leader worldwide.”
The AccuPark™ is the ideal preventative measure against garage mishaps. The AccuPark insert is engineered to guide you into your garage precisely where you would like the front wheels of your vehicle to stop, by driving over the first bump that is your signal to brake. The patent pending system simply SNAPS securely into your RaceDeck® garage floor creating a clean finished look.

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