Leading Modular Flooring Manufacturer SnapLock Industries is Committed to Keeping It Green

SnapLock Industries new manufacturing and operating systems is one of the “Greenest” manufacturers of modular flooring in the world.

Snap Lock Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium modular flooring systems, has implemented new proprietary manufacturing technologies, as well as recycling procedures that has enabled them to manufacture with nearly zero waste. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Snap Lock industries operates in a state of the art 100,000 square foot facility operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year with a strong emphasis on “ Keeping it Green ”.

Snap Lock has a long list of global leading brands that include RaceDeck garage flooring, SnapSports multi-courts & athletic surfacing, SnapLock portable dance flooring & event floors and Duragrid safety matting & decking.

Over the last decade Snap Lock has implemented technologies that have not only resulted in the leading modular flooring systems available, but a company that is committed to the environment with nearly zero waste in their manufacturing process.

“ We are committed to reducing the impact on our environment and at the same time, offering the most Eco-Friendly & safe product line available to our customers.” Said Jorgen Moller CEO Snap Lock Industries.

The proprietary materials used to manufacture all of Snap Lock flooring products are recyclable and of the highest grade available. “We maintain 100% control of what goes in our products to ensure quality and safe use for the consumer. Many companies add materials from unknown sources such as landfill and scrapyards, which may contain many toxic ingredients, we want no part of that process” said Moller

The following are just a few of the ways SnapLock is “ Keeping it Green ” :

• They use only the highest-grade polypropylene in their manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable & clean.

• Polypropylene is manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste byproduct of the petroleum industry that used to be burned off into the atmosphere contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. As a consequence, the more polypropylene used in products helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Polypropylene is 100% recyclable

• Any waste material they may produce in their manufacturing is reground and used to make other non-flooring parts, ensuring nearly 0% waste.

• They do not add any questionable additives in their products, such as rubber or lead filled items.

• Their unique manufacturing process is low in emissions and meets all of the strict California Standards, including the standard for residential community placement.

• The cooling system they use to control temperatures for all of the manufacturing machines and runs on a closed loop, so it’s 100% recycled.

• All of the steel used in their molds and sports components is 100% recyclable.

• The warehouse structure within the 100,000 square foot facility was engineered to maximize natural sunlight rather than energy-wasting lights.

• Snap Lock has pioneered numerous manufacturing processes and technologies to allow them to use less energy to produce all of their products.

• They implemented a system to actively recycle all cardboard packaging, office papers and all petroleum products.

It is refreshing to see that a USA-based manufacturer and supplier can not only produce quality products to compete in the global marketplace, but they can do it while ‘keeping it green’ at the same time.

About SnapLock Industries

SnapLock Industries is recognized as the industry leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty modular flooring systems for both residential and commercial markets. All of Snap Lock Industries flooring products are proudly made in the USA.

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